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Публикации: Физика, эфир, гравитация, электромагнетизм, микромир, Вселенная

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Физика, Mende Interferometer: From the Experimental Refutation of the Lorentz Transformations and the Principles of the Invariance of the Speed of Light to New Prospects for t, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

A new type of interferometer has been developed that uses the principle of mechanical beam division. With its help, the time constant of the wavelength of the laser beam, which does not depend on the velocity of the generator or mirror moving along the harmonic law, has been experimentally observed. ...

Физика, Mende Transformations in the Concept of Scalar-Vector Potential, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

In the article are obtained the conversions pour on upon transfer of one inertial reference system (IRS) to another. In contrast to the conversions of Lorenz the basis of such conversions are the conversions of Galileo and the symmetrical laws of induction. In this case the total ...

Физика, From the Electrodynamics of Maxwell,Hertz, Heaviside to Transcoordinate Electrodynamics, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

The conclusion about the absence in them of the mathematical means of the adequate description of passage from one inertial reference system to another because of the use by them of particular derived field functions on the time, which completely tie electrodynamic process to one concrete frame of reference, is ...

Физика, Current Self-Induction and Potential Well on theSuperconductive Rings, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

Work examinesnewphysicalphenomenonpotentialwellonthesuperconductiverings.This Phenomenonindicatesthattwosuperconductingtheringsofdifferentdiameter,inwhicharefrozentheflows,canbefoundwithrespecttoeachotherinpotentialwell,whentheirrapprochementorremovalleadstotheappearanceofrestoringforce.The distance ...

Физика, Kinetic Capacity, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

If the vector of magnetic moment does not coincide with the direction of the magnetic field, then this moment accomplishes precessional motion. This motion does not have a inertia. since. it instantly ceases at the moment of removing the magnetic field. Atthe same time to us it is known that the atom, ...

Физика, Electrodynamics of the Dielectrics, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

In the scientific literature is in sufficient detail opened the role of the kinetic inductance of charges inthe conductors and the plasmo-like media, but it is not opened the role of this parameter in the electrodynamics of dielectrics. This parameter in the electrodynamics of dielectrics ...

Физика, Electric Fields in the Concept of the Scalar-Vector Potential, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

All dynamic laws of electrodynamics, connected withthe motion of charge, follow from the concept of scalar- vectorpotential. From this concept follow the emission laws. Theselaws are introduced with the aid of the being late scalar vectorpotential. This approach gives the possibility to ...

Физика, Phenomenon of Kinetic Energy and Inertia ofMaterial Bodies, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

It is well known that for accelerating the materialbodies it is necessary to spend energy, in this case theexecuted work passes into the kinetic energy. With thebraking the body returns this energy to the surroundingbodies, for which required the forces, the reverse facts, whichaccelerated body. This ...

Физика, Is there a Magnetic Field and a Vector Potentialof the Electric Field, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

Strictly as per the compliance and regulations of:This is a research/revieAput outting themselves of physics as Veber, Maxwell. These scientists on the primitive research equipment rapids. They were geniuses and they could iceberg, which the contradictions and disagreement, which occur in theare already solved. In ...

Физика, Scalar -Vector Potential and Lagrange Function of the Moving and Fixed Charge, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

In the article is introduced the concept of scalarvectorwritten Lagrange's function for the moving charge. This procedure of the introduction toof Lagrange the moving charge earlier is notLagrangian of fixed charge, which is ...

Физика, Electrization of the Superconductive Windings, and Tori During the Introduction in Them of the Direct Currents, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

It was already said, that Maxwell's equations do not include information about power interaction of the current carrying systems. In the classical electrodynamics for calculating such an interaction it is necessary to calculate magnetic field in the assigned region of space, and then, ...

Физика, Physical and Methodological Errors in the Works of Landau, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

By all is well known this phenomenon as rainbow. To any specialist in the electrodynamics it is clear that the appearance of rainbow is connected with the dependence on the frequency of the phase speed of the electromagnetic waves, passing through the drops of rain. J. ...

Физика, Transverse Plasma Resonance in the Nonmagnetized Plasma and its Practical Use, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

During shot explosions, which result in the formation of a hot plasma, electromagnetic radiation takes place in a very wide range, up to the radio waveband. But to date, those physical mechanisms that could explain the origin of such radiation are unknown.It is known that plasma resonance is longitudinal, but ...

Физика, Time Unit of Mende, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

The concept of time does not up to now have the substantiated physical determination. Contemporary the unit of the measurement of time are based on the periods of the rotation of the Earth around its axis and rotation around the sun, and also the rotation of the Moon around the Earth. This selection of ones is caused ...

Физика, On the Physical Mechanism of the Formation of Electrical Fields on the Inductions, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

Near the conductor, along which flows the current, are formed electrical induction fields, these fields are formed is only is when to the conductor applied a potential difference and charges in it are accelerated. But, unfortunately, physics of this process is not thus far clear. In the work on the basis of the ...

Физика, Physical Phenomena, Which Accompany the Space and Nuclear Explosions, ссылка, F. F. Mende, 31.10.2019

The United States under the Starfish program blew up a hydrogen bomb with a TNT equivalent 1.4 Mt in space above the Pacific Ocean. This event put a lot of questions before the scientific community. During the explosion, an electrical impulse of very short duration and large amplitude was detected. Modern ...

Физика, New ideas in classical electrodynamics and physics of the plasma, ссылка, Ф. Ф. Менде, 31.10.2019

Is proven the insolvency of the concept of the frequency dispersion of the dielectric constant of plasma and dielectrics. This error is located also in the works of Landau. Within the framework the conversions of Galileo are obtained conversions pour on upon transfer of one inertial to another. This made possible, ...

Физика, Увлечение света гравитосферами, ссылка, Николай Михайлов, 26.10.2019

Анализ трех известных экспериментов: Физо, Майкельсона и Саньяка показал, что эти эксперименты в совокупности указывают на то, что в реальности существуют только гравитосферы массивных тел, в данном случае гравитосфера Земли, и никакой физической среды типа эфира не существует. Согласно теории гравитосфер, все эти ...

Физика, Униполярные электромашины с однородным и неоднородным магнитом, фарадеева тангенциальная индукция и электромашины, основанные на этом принципе, статья [word], Геннадий Ивченков, 25.10.2019

Данная статья является существенно переработанным и дополненным вариантом ранее опубликованной статьи.
Проведена серия экспериментов по детальному исследованию униполярных электромашин с однородным и неоднородным магнитом, а также фарадеевой индукции, возникающей в тангенциальных проводниках в случае движения носителя неоднородного магнитного поля, результатом чего явилось создание электрогенераторов, вырабатывающих большую часть энергии за счет «тангенциальной индукции».

Физика, Ускорение тел в теории гравитосфер, ссылка, Николай Михайлов, 25.10.2019

Согласно законам теории гравитосфер, при ускорении тела внешней силой, ускорение этого тела будет зависеть от скорости его движения относительно источника ускоряющей силы.
Причем эффективность ускорения тел зависит не только от скорости их движения относительно ускоряющей силы, но и от направления их движения ...

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